About us


The company Rosal DS is a family business established in Negotino, Republic of Macedonia. The company has started in 1999 with production of halva, an through this years the production has been increased with other products like loukoum (oriental delight), peanuts, tahini , loukoum (oriental delight) wih chocolate and grissini with sesame. The interaction of the original recipe and the long experience are the main reason for the amazing taste of our products.

Our company sets high goals related to quality and economic efficiency in the production of a wide range of brands that meet the legal and customers requirements. The Primary obligation is to monitor manufacturing process and do not allow any compromises with the quality. The business relations with our partners are built on trust and tolerance.

We could offer flexible price lists and tolerate constant dialogue to provide high qualified services and conditionalities for lasting partnerships. Also our production process implies the revolutionary HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and the ISO Standards. Our products are well known at the domestic market in Macedonia, but they are also included at the Balkans and in Europe. The main purpose of the company is sustainable growth, entering new markets and expanding the range of products.